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Books to Read

Happiness Project (Gretchen Rubin)
This book was not only a fun, quick read but it was also packed with practical advice for how to seek out happiness in everyday life. I recommend this book for anyone who is looking to recharge their happiness batteries.
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Mindset : The New Psychology of Success (Carol S. Dweck)
This book changed my life. In this book, Carol discusses the difference between a “growth mindset” person and a “fixed mindset” person. A “growth mindset” person put value and effort into the learning process of life and does not become obsessed with results or “success”. A “fixed mindset” person believes that they are born with the talents and intelligence that they have and they can’t change it. Since adopting a “growth mindset” the quality and happiness in my life has skyrocketed. I highly recommend investigating how to apply a “growth mindset” to your own life.
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Keeping a Journal

For me, keeping a journal was a way of keeping myself focused and also documenting what I wanted/needed to get done. It was also a place for me to write numerous to do lists, sketch out party/travel ideas, and organize notes. Below is a photo of several of my party planning sketch pages (4th of July party on the left and 30th birthday ideas on the right).

Megan's journal

Mood Boards

Mood boards are an excellent way to keep yourself inspired throughout the year. For the past couple of years I have created mood boards and hung them in my closet. The daily reminders of inspiration and beautiful photos is a constant source of refocus for me. Hanging a mood board in an area that you frequent daily is an easy way to keep yourself on track. I used my mood boards to remind myself to relax and enjoy life. Below are my mood boards from the last two years.

To create a mood board simply attach inspiring quotes, photos, keepsakes, magazine clippings, or whatever inspires you to poster board. I even had several parties with friends where we created mood boards. It was a fun way to share supplies and see what other people are inspired by.

2011 Mood Board
This year’s mood board was focused on happiness, baking/cooking, and celebrations. I also included my favorite Tim Gunn Quote, “make it work”.

Mood Board 2011

2012 Mood Board
My board for 2012 focused on being more carefree, creating a cozy/welcoming home, being more fashionable, and enjoying my life with my boyfriend.

Mood Board 2012