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This year has just begun and it’s already been packed with some many fun things! My friend Jen and I have been trying to get together for awhile now to take a cake decorating class together and we finally found one that worked with our schedules. Taking a cake decorating class isn’t on my 30 before 30 list but I decided to include it here because it might inspire people to do something fun or possibly add it to their list!

We took a beginner’s cake decorating class at Cake Works in San Jose. Cake Works is a cake supply store that has a ton of neat things in stock (bins and bins of cake/cupcake toppers, fancy cake pans that you can rent, and pretty much all the basic cake supplies that you could ever need). I have taken several classes here before but Jen has not. I love the classes at Cake Works because the majority of them are taught by their employee Julie (she’s is a riot! I love her sense of humor). This particular class met 4 times in the evening and we went over basic cake decorating technique (how to use different tips, how to make roses, and how to frost a cake).

My favorite thing about this class was that we had to do a three tiered frosted and decorated cake for our final. I took a poll on my Facebook asking for suggestions of what I should write on the top of my cake. I was thrilled that a ton of people made really fun suggestions and I tried to fit as many suggestions as I could on the cake. Here is who suggested what (most of the suggestions are inside jokes):
“Make me a sandwich” – multiple people
“I <3 Roxy" - Roxy "Fiesta" - Ana/Se7en "Pretty Poners" - Jesse/Booty "Master Baker" - multiple people "Ka-Kaw!!!" - Pia "Kevin is awesome" - Kahuna Kevin "Gentleman's Choice" - Courtney "Cap'n Crunch is my BFF" - Megan/Mongoose "Eat Me" - multiple people