View from our Palm Springs hotel

Breakfast in Palm Springs with Julie!

Palm Springs pool with Julie!

Courtney and Mike's wedding location

Julie and I at Courtney and Mike's wedding

Courtney and Mike!

Last weekend Julie and I took a road trip down to Palm Springs, CA to attend our friend Courtney’s wedding. The trip was a total blast and some of the highlights were poolside pomegranate/apple mimosas, wonderful sunny weather, and amazing veggie food (we ate at Palm Greens, Native Foods, and some random sushi joint).

Courtney’s wedding was really worth the long hours in the car! The ceremony was held outdoors at the gorgeous Moorten Botanical Gardens in Palm Springs. The gardens were much prettier than pictured on the venue’s website and it made for an amazing place to have a wedding. After the short and sweet ceremony, everyone headed over to Hilton to party! Dinner and cake were served during the reception and Courtney made sure to have delicious veggie options for Julie and I (she even had vegan mocha cupcakes for us, score!!!). All in all the trip was really great and I can’t wait to plan my next trip down to Palm Springs.