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#25 – Read the Happiness Project

Highly recommended!

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#26 – Run a 10k

My first 10k! Race: Running with the Jets Marathon/10K/5K Official time: 1:12:29 Rank: 102 out of 135

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#27 – Be More Spontaneous

This item was mostly about having a more relaxed attitude towards life. I am one of those people that really enjoys organizing, scheduling, and planning my life. Since taking on my 30 before 30 project, I focused on being more spontaneous! I wanted to write…

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#28 – Better My Computer Drawing Skills

Here are some of the examples of some of the artwork that I created with my digital drawing tablet. These digital flyers were created for the Vegan SF Bakesale (benefiting various animal organizations).

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#29 – Fire an Uzi

I know the picture might say different, but I’m pretty uncomfortable around guns. Given that, when I had the opportunity to go to the Gun Store in Las Vegas, NV, I thought I would give it a try. The staff at the Gun Store made…

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#30 – Random Act of Pizza

On my 30th birthday (Nov 13th) I wanted to share some pizza love, so I decided to do a random act of pizza on my birthday(RAOP). A RAOP is where a person sends pizza to another person via Reddit.com (more info on the process). I…

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