Living room in the rental house

View of the driftwood fort

Whidbey Island Roller Girls

me with Gina

Vegan Smores

Vegan Smores

I spent the week around Thanksgiving at a sweet vacation rental with friends and family on Whidbey Island. This was my first time visiting the island and despite the cold weather, I had a really good time. We had a pretty full house since it was me, my parents, my brother, my uncle & aunt, and one of my cousins. The rental was located on Useless Bay and had gorgeous views. We took advantage of the excellent location and took many walks around the beautiful bay.

Lucky for me, my BFF Gina (pictured above in the green helmet) lives on Whidbey Island and she was kind enough to show me around and suggest some interesting places. She also skates for the Whidbey Island Rollergirls and invited me to guest coach one of their practices. I had a super good time leading their practice (all four hours of it!) and I loved their practice space (they skate in a converted barn).

One the other things that I really enjoying doing during this trip was making fancy vegan s’mores! After landing in Seattle but before heading over to Whidbey Island, we made a couple of stops to pick up some yummy Seattle food. We stopped at Sidecar for Pig’s Peace (an all vegan store) where I picked up some graham crackers and vegan marshmallows (Dandies!!!!). We also hit up Theo’s Chocolates and my brother bought me two awesome dark chocolate bars (toffee and peppermint). Then Gina came over one night and we made the s’mores in the oven since we didn’t have an open fire available. The Dandies marshmallows melted just like regular marshmallows! I highly recommend making these s’mores this holiday season, they were over the top decadent!