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Birthday Weekend – Sunday!

My Mom was out of town on Saturday, so I ended up celebrating my birthday with both of my parents on Sunday. Pictured above is some of the gifts that I got for my birthday (panda tea for two set, Tim Gunn’s new book, and…

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Birthday Weekend – Saturday!

Last Saturday was my 28th birthday! I spent most of the day in San Francisco with a group of friends having a blast. Here are some of the highlights from my birthday: Took a trapeze class at the San Francisco Circus Center Pigged out at…

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Goodbye 27!

Today I am 28! Lots of fun plans today: pizza for breakfast, trapeze class with friends, yummy brunch, and possibly a hockey game with my Dad.

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Inspirational Pictures #2

(photo source: the life of a cupcake) (photo source: fuckyeahamazing.tumblr.com)

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Donating blood for the 2nd time

I decided to do a video blog about donating blood for the 2nd time. Enjoy!

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Inspirational Pictures #1

(photo source:Cheynesaw.tumblr.com) (photo source:fuckyeahamazing.tumblr.com)

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November, you are looking awesome!

(photo source: denverpost.com) Yesterday – I booked an appointment to donate blood again! (#17) Today – Booked reservations for a trapeze class at the San Francisco Circus School (#3) This weekend – Veggie Thanksgiving with friends Next weekend – Trapeze class/birthday weekend (turning 28)! Weekend…

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Last week I made my second batch of dill pickles! I made my first batch of pickles in June 2010 before I started this blog but after I had started my 30 before 30 list. I made about 8 jars of pickles during my first…

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