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Halloween party? Not this year.

Sadly this is not going to be the year that I cross item #21 (Throw a Halloween Party) off my list. I came down with a nasty head/chest cold on Halloween and had to cancel all my plans. I was super bummed to have to…

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Citizen Fail

Watching 100 movies in a little over two and half years? No problem, right?!?! I thought it wouldn’t be a problem but I getting really concerned about my #24 item on my 30 before 30 list (watching all of the movies on AFI’s 100 classic…

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Road Side Dinosaurs? Yes please!

One of my 30 before 30 list items is to be more spontaneous. I’m the type of person that thrives on schedules and plans. Rolling with the punches is something that I’m getting better at but being spontaneous is something that I need to incorporate…

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Palm Springs Trip with Julie!

Last weekend Julie and I took a road trip down to Palm Springs, CA to attend our friend Courtney’s wedding. The trip was a total blast and some of the highlights were poolside pomegranate/apple mimosas, wonderful sunny weather, and amazing veggie food (we ate at…

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#9 More USA Travel – Portland Sept. 2010 Trip

Last week I flew to Portland, OR with my friend Devon for a quick visit. I am no stranger to Portland, I usually visit friends and family up there every other year. Before planning this trip I was chatting with Devon on day and she…

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#20 – Making BBQ Sauce from Scratch

This is my first attempt at making BBQ sauce from scratch and I decided to use a recipe from Bryant Terry’s Vegan Soul Kitchen. It was a pretty simple; mix together all ingredients in a food processor then cook mixture on stove top till you…

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#17 – Donating Blood

Last weekend the Silicon Valley Roller Girls (the roller derby league that I coach and skate for) teamed up with the Red Cross to do a blood drive. The Red Cross parked their blood donation bus in the parking lot of San Jose Skate (our…

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