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Whidbey Island Ferry

I know that some people find taking a ferry to be a pretty mundane activity but it was one of my favorite things about my Whidbey Island trip. To get to Whidbey Island you have to take a ferry from Mukilteo and it drops you…

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Whidbey Island Snow Days!

Living in California means that I rarely get to enjoy the snow. While on vacation to Whidbey Island, I was super stoked that we got a couple of days of snow! Not everyone was as stoked as I was; my mom freaked out over the…

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Whidbey Island Trip

I spent the week around Thanksgiving at a sweet vacation rental with friends and family on Whidbey Island. This was my first time visiting the island and despite the cold weather, I had a really good time. We had a pretty full house since it…

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November, you are looking awesome!

(photo source: denverpost.com) Yesterday – I booked an appointment to donate blood again! (#17) Today – Booked reservations for a trapeze class at the San Francisco Circus School (#3) This weekend – Veggie Thanksgiving with friends Next weekend – Trapeze class/birthday weekend (turning 28)! Weekend…

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Palm Springs Trip with Julie!

Last weekend Julie and I took a road trip down to Palm Springs, CA to attend our friend Courtney’s wedding. The trip was a total blast and some of the highlights were poolside pomegranate/apple mimosas, wonderful sunny weather, and amazing veggie food (we ate at…

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#9 More USA Travel – Portland Sept. 2010 Trip

Last week I flew to Portland, OR with my friend Devon for a quick visit. I am no stranger to Portland, I usually visit friends and family up there every other year. Before planning this trip I was chatting with Devon on day and she…

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